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Mark Hamill has been playing the Star Wars character of Luke Skywalker for decades — and now he’s trying to cash in on some things he’s picked up over the years.

In a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the famous actor popped up to sell what he said were pants he wore during the filming of the beloved original movie trilogy, although Kimmel himself was skeptical. It turns out that Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo jacket, worn in The Empire Strikes Back, is going on the auction block this fall and is estimated to sell for somewhere around $1.3 million. So Hamill, identifying an opportunity to peddle his own goods, is ready to get in on the Star Wars memorabilia craze — although there are some questions about the authenticity of his wares.

Busting out a pair of Nantucket red capri slacks, Hamill asked the Kimmel audience for $100,000 for his pants. “I used to call them my Luke Highwaters. Sometimes I call them my Padawan Pedal Pushers,” he joked, showing images of himself as Skywalker in the movies — although something may look very different to fans who have seen the films before.

“I loved the feeling of that cool breeze on my ankles when I was fighting Dad Vader… Oh, the memories,” he reminisced. Eventually he took his prices down when he failed to get a bite; “How about $50,000 and I’ll throw in a Chewbacca hairball?”

While the crowd loved his surprise appearance, no one could be convinced to take the leap and invest in his pants. Watch his sales pitch, above.

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