By Ashley Hoffman
July 23, 2018

A gentleman appeared to help himself to a baseball intended for a young kid at a Chicago Cubs game on Saturday night.

Outfielder and first base coach Will Venable threw the ball to a small kid with a great seat during the Cubs-Cardinals doubleheader game, which the Cubs won handily.

But it wasn’t an easy catch for the boy, and the ball dropped under his feet and into the hands of a fan in the row behind him, who scooped it up and flaunted the ball in the air with great celebration.

Not to worry though: the team tweeted that the boy received not one but two baseballs used in the game. They even saw to it that Javy Baez signed them.

It certainly looked like that Cubs-fans-steals-ball-from-a-kid scenario. But for those who criticized the widely circulated ball-scooping move, David Kaplan of Sports Talk Live said that the guy seen in the video helped the kid catch a foul ball earlier in the game.

This is not the first time an errant piece of sports equipment has appeared to have been wrongfully snatched from its intended fan in a viral video. Puck girl forever.

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