July 19, 2018 4:37 PM EDT

The internet has fallen in love with a dynamic toddler-and-dog duo.

Video of their acrobatic game of over-the-fence fetch has gone viral, leading ABC News to check in with the Minnesota mom who filmed it all.

According to ABC, the toddler in the video is a friend of Erin Richter’s son. And the dog? That’s their neighboring pooch Dozer, a mainstay in their lives. The pup is apparently no stranger to playing this type of fetch, either. “We think it is so crazy the video is getting so much attention because we play catch every day with Dozer so this is our normal,” Richter told Good Morning America. “But we love that it is making everyone smile.”

When the video was shared on Twitter by the two-year-old’s dad Chad Nelson, it quickly captured everyone’s heart as they watched the boy toss the ball over the wooden fence, where an excited Dozer would promptly find it, pick it up and drop it back into their yard to continue the game. The pure joy on both the toddler and Dozer’s part is a pleasure to behold, and as Nelson noted, now both child and dog have a new “best friend.”

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