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People Are Really, Really Obsessed With This Guy’s Shrek Impression

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Are you obsessed with Shrek? As in, do you know every line to the classic animated movie? Could you recite it — flawlessly — off the cuff? How about adding to that spot-on impersonations of each of the character’s signature accents and intonations?

You may not be able to do all of that on command, but Theo Karras sure can. The young actor’s sister shared a video of Karras re-enacting, word for word, a scene from the beloved ogre movie during a road trip — and the video rapidly took off on Twitter, going viral over the weekend for Karras’s pitch-perfect voice acting. So for a trip down the Shrek memory lane, give his reenactment a shot.

As Karras explained to Buzzfeed, he’s watched the movie enough that its dialogue is pretty much ingrained in his memory. “I’ve always imitated Shrek scenes and quoted lines since I was younger, so their voices are easier to remember,” he noted.

Viewers are seriously impressed, too.

According to his sister, Karras has a role in a community theater production of Legally Blonde in the Chicago area this summer — so fans of the viral star could see his acting in person if they’re up for it, too. (And maybe he’ll grace Twitter with a reenactment of that cult classic movie as well; after all, he probably knows all the lines by now.)

But for now, Karras — who has lofty Broadway goals, according to his Twitter — seems to be taking his viral success with a grain of salt. Still, getting discovered online has worked out for plenty of aspiring stars in the past. But for now he’s back to work, grinding it out like the rest of us.

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