June 28, 2018 12:31 PM EDT

Lionel Messi and the Argentina national men’s soccer team haven’t been having their best go of it at the World Cup. They tied Iceland and lost to Croatia, and barely squeaked past Nigeria to make it to the knock-out round of the global soccer competition. Turns out that Messi had a little assistance in helping his team eke out a victory.

Argentinian soccer reporter, Rama Pantarotto revealed Messi’s secret in a video posted on Twitter. Pantarotto had interviewed the FC Barcelona star recently during the World Cup and presented him with a gift. “My mom loves you more than she loves me,” he says in the video, and shows Messi a red ribbon he carries for good luck. He then gave Messi the little amulet. After Tuesday’s big win, the reporter asked Messi is he still had the good luck charm.

“Look,” Messi says in the clip, pulling down his sock to reveal the ribbon. Pantarotto was stunned, saying, “No way! No way!” He couldn’t help but ask Messi if that was the foot that scored the team’s opening goal against Nigeria, and Messi had to confess it wasn’t. That didn’t deter Pantarotto from turning to the camera and telling his mom that the soccer legend wore her good luck charm—and it may have worked!

Hopefully, the ribbon will give Messi and company good luck in their next match against France this weekend.

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