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Try This Fun HIIT Workout to Get Fit and Increase Your Endurance

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High intensity interval workouts, also known as HIIT, raise your heart rate with short bursts of intense movements. You’ll engage every muscle in your body and it’s a true power workout — one of my favorites! It’s challenging​, but since you’re only exerting yourself for​ short period​s​ of time, it ​flies by pretty quickly. Plus, after completing this routine, everything else will seem easy. You’re also ​working​ your whole body, instead of just isolating one particular muscle group, so you’re really getting the most bang for your buck. You’re challenging your stability, your endurance ​and your stamina all at the same time. You’ll also increase your aerobic capacity, even though it’s not a traditional cardio workout.

You can keep these workouts low impact by avoiding the jumps. ​Instead, hold on ​to the weights and move​ with intention until you’re able to perform the full routine.

My favorite move here, and possibly the most challenging, is the side plank. You’re recruiting muscles that you don’t normally use, and you’re challenging your full core. Just make sure that you don’t let your hips dip, and take care to really push into that bottom foot for support.

TIP: For the squats, make sure that ​you’re​ using your​ full range of motion and really try to get your bo​oty​ down to a​ 90-degree angle from your knee. When you’re twisting and punching, make sure you’re engaging your obliques, so that you’re not ​compensating with​ your back.

Perform this routine three to five times each week depending on your goals.

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