By Raisa Bruner
June 15, 2018

Not all dogs are great at the obedience thing. But one who is particularly good at following the rules has rapidly stolen the internet’s heart after a Twitter user posted photos of the pup, who was very patiently waiting for his owner outside of what appears to be an office café area.

“No dogs allowed in the café,” a sign posted up reads. So the amenable canine remains sitting and looking rather forlorn just outside the open-plan kitchen space, abiding by the rules as only the best pets can do. He’s not tied up; in fact, his leash appears to be sitting loose next to him. He’s just very well-trained and understands how to read signs, clearly.

While some who saw the photos were worried he was lonely, the original poster of the now-viral tweet assured Twitter that his owner was just outside the frame of the photo, and the dog only actually had to endure the punishment of staying outside the café solo for “maybe a minute or two.”

In his moment of existential angst, however, we can all relate to this dog’s clear yearning to enter the kitchen area. After all — he’s just a dog, sitting outside of a café, asking to be let in.

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