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Bebe Rexha gives us an anthem to our problems with the catchy “I’m a Mess.” Plus, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park explores his dark sides on a new album Post Traumatic; young Aussie singer Ruel debuts an EP that belies his youth; soulful singer Camille Trust explores the messier sides of a breakup on “Move On;” and producer Mura Masa brings his signature touch to a track with rapper Octavian.

“I’m a Mess,” Bebe Rexha

When it comes to relatable lyrical content for 2018, Bebe Rexha has us covered with “I’m a Mess.” “Everything’s gonna be alright / everything’s gonna be OK / It’s gonna be a good, good life / that’s what my therapist says,” she sings cheekily off the top of her newest release from upcoming debut album Expectations. The versatile singer-songwriter behind hits ranging from Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Monster” to the current country-pop crossover “Meant to Be” with Florida Georgia Line has a touchingly vulnerable streak on this solo song, laying it all out in “I’m a Mess” over catchy pop production. It may not be an uplifting message, but at least Rexha reminds us that some feelings are universal — and now we have something to sing along to while we’re in the thick of it.

“Say,” Ruel


At just sweet fifteen years of age, Aussie artist Ruel’s personal brand of pop-soul straddles the line of tender and tough. On his debut EP Ready, out today, the young artist is just beginning to flesh out a sound that is deeply felt and instantly catchy, in the vein of a Sam Smith. His track “Say” is spare, balladic and rich, with delicate falsetto reaches and vocals that hear his voice breaking in sweet earnestness. “We might be broken by design,” he muses sadly. “It’s easier to run away / than to know what to say.” True enough, but with a debut this promising, it looks like Ruel knows exactly what to say after all.

“Move On,” Camille Trust

There are breakup songs, and then there’s New-York-based singer-songwriter Camille Trust telling you about her breakup in song. “People ask how I’m holding up / I’m f–king fantastic / My heart is plastic / Hollow and cracking / Laying in our bed alone, no I can’t move on,” she sings over a guitar. It’s a beautiful bit of lyrical grief and sees her holding the final note endlessly — almost like she’s echoing her own inability to give up on someone. Trust’s debut EP No Other Way is a succinct showcase of her ability to deliver both fun and sorrow in the space of a few minutes, with “Move On” the emotional center point.

“Move Me,” Mura Masa feat. Octavian

British producer Mura Masa got a Grammy nomination for his debut album last year featuring artists like A$AP Rocky and Charli XCX — and he’s following up that breakout recognition with a few choice projects. Last week there was a mesmerizing Perfume Genius remix, and this week brings his first original single of 2018 with U.K. rapper Octavian. Minimal and beat-driven on “Move Me,” Mura Masa (real name: Alex Crossan) uses a light touch to let Octavian’s warbling flow drive the track over a deep-house-style bass line. It’s equal parts unhurried and dancehall, hypnotic in it smart simplicity.

“Make It Up As I Go,” Mike Shinoda feat. K.Flay

On “Make It Up As I Go,” Linkin Park co-vocalist Mike Shinoda takes the time to publicly grapple with grief and uncertainty. Shinoda’s release is part of a 16-track album, Post Traumatic, that follows the tragic death of his bandmate Chester Bennington last summer, and is Shinoda’s first solo project. Shinoda often took on the rap-singing role in Linkin Park, and here he sounds right at home collaborating with artists like vocalist K.Flay over a pop-rock melody that leans away from Shinoda’s roots in the grunge sounds. “I keep on running backwards / I keep on losing faith,” she sings in the chorus. But Shinoda allows in a route to making it through, even when it’s not easy: “I know the path I had’s uneven, but while I’m breathing / I have to make my own lane.”


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