By Melissa Locker
May 24, 2018

A 30-year old New York man recently made headlines when his parents were forced to sue him to get him to finally move out of their house. While the man in question prepares to appeal the judge’s decision to evict him from his parents’ home, Jimmy Kimmel decided to head to the streets to find out how common it is for full-grown adults to still live with their parents.

He revealed the results of his informal poll of passersby on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! turning it into a game where the audience would be briefly introduced to a person and then try to guess whether or not they still live at home. Turns out a lot of adults still live with their parents, in fact, his own audience harbored a mother and son who were still co-habitating.

Luckily, Kimmel has a solution to this problem plaguing the nation. He launched a new service that allows people to adopt men over 30. While they have no discernible skills, on the plus side there’s no potty training required and they come with their own Xbox and sword collection.

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