May 10, 2018 11:24 AM EDT

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week in America, so late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to show his respects for the educators of our nation by reflecting on the “awful, awful things” people did in their youths to their teachers. “Most people have one or more teachers from the past that they put through the ringer,” he admitted.

So his team went out to Hollywood Boulevard to snag grownups walking down the street and give them a chance to formally apologize to those upstanding civil servants, even though many years have passed since their youthful transgressions against authority.

As it turns out, plenty of people on the street had regrets about how they treated their teachers — and had very specific memories of their crimes agains the sanctity of the classroom. From sticking teachers with unfortunate nicknames to showing up for finals inebriated to petty acts of theft, it turns out these teachers had to put up with a lot.

But perhaps the biggest surprise comes from one woman who shares the inappropriate joke that got her in trouble. She turned out alright in the end, as she’s now the Mayor of Manhattan Beach. For the joke that still sticks in her memory to this day, watch the Kimmel segment in the video above.


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