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Everyone loves Big Little Lies actor Reese Witherspoon — especially, it turns out, Reese’s candy (or at least the brand’s social media manager). One keen-eyed social media sleuth has uncovered a fun fact about the Reese’s Instagram presence: Witherspoon’s account is the only one that the beloved peanut-butter-cup maker follows on the platform. When this was pointed out in a shocked tweet alerting the public of this important information, the Reese’s Twitter was quick to respond with their reasoning.

“She has a great name,” they replied. Witherspoon has not yet joined in on the conversation about their shared moniker, but presumably she feels the same way.

While Reese’s (the brand) only has 100,000 Instagram followers at this time, Witherspoon has nearly 13 million. She also follows 452 people, predominantly other verified celebrities, news sources and at least one account devoted to dogs. She does not, at this time, follow Reese’s back.

Back in 2016, after Witherspoon shared a photo on Twitter joking about finding some Reese’s Pieces candy, the peanut butter cup account was equally eager to make good of their connection with the star.

Keep trying, Reese’s! She’ll notice you someday.

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