By Mahita Gajanan
May 2, 2018

A Southwest Airlines flight en route to Newark from Chicago was forced to make an emergency landing in Cleveland after a plane window broke.

Southwest Flight 957 diverted to Cleveland on Wednesday morning, a little more than two weeks after Southwest Flight 1380 made an emergency landing in Philadelphia due to engine failure, leading to the death of one woman who was partially sucked out of the plane window after it was broken open by debris.

Southwest said in a statement that flight 957, with 76 passengers onboard, “landed uneventfully in Cleveland.” Flight passengers reported that a window on the plane had cracked.

The airline said the plane landed in Cleveland for a maintenance review of a layer in one of the plane’s window pane. Southwest said the flight maintained pressurization in the cabin because each window comes with multiple panes.

Read the airline’s full statement below.

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