By Raisa Bruner
April 25, 2018

William Shatner wants to know about your perfect date. No, don’t tell him it’s April 25. That joke, circulating once again thanks to the classic beauty pageant scene he acted in from 2000 movie Miss Congeniality, has already been done.

Instead, Shatner has partnered up with to help those looking for love find some ideal romance. But he’s giving credit where it’s due: to Miss Rhode Island herself, of course. “Who knew that your response was going to turn into a national holiday? The perfect date, remember? Not too hot, not too cold, just bring a light jacket,” Shatner recites in an Instagram post publicizing his latest gig. To celebrate the everlasting power of that moment after nearly two decades, Shatner asked people to submit their own perfect date concepts. Some lucky winners will get to make their romantic dreams come true, too — as long as $500 cash will cover it.

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