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Sean Hannity Criticized on His Own Fox Show for Not Disclosing Relationship With Trump Lawyer

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Sean Hannity was forced to defend himself on his own Fox News show Monday night after one of his guests criticized him for not revealing he was a client of President Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and frequent legal defender of the President, told Hannity he should have detailed his relationship with Cohen when discussing the case on his show. Hannity interrupted Dershowitz several times to defend himself.

“I have the right to privacy,” Hannity said, adding that he only sought advice from Cohen for matters pertaining to real estate — “not politics.”

“But it’s a complex situation when you’re speaking to millions of people,” Dershowitz responded.

“It was a minor relationship,” Hannity said.

“You should’ve said that,” Dershowtiz replied.

Cohen, who is currently under criminal investigation, named Hannity as the previously undisclosed “third client” he sought to keep private in federal court Monday. The two other clients were Trump and Elliot Brody, a Republican fundraiser — both of whom received legal help from Cohen when negotiating payouts for women they allegedly had affairs with.

Hannity, who has used his Fox News program to defend the president, tweeted Monday before his show that Cohen “never represented me in any matter” and “assumed” conversations with him would be “confidential.”

When news broke of the FBI raiding Cohen’s office, hotel room and home last week, Hannity defended the attorney and said Special Counsel Robert Mueller was conducting a “witch hunt” and “declared war against the President.”

On Monday afternoon, Fox News’s Laura Ingle reported that one of Cohen’s attorney named Hannity as the third client in federal court. She then moved on to other stories.

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