April 12, 2018 11:48 AM EDT

A breaking news reporter making local news in Portland, Oregon a lot more enjoyable has gone viral.

A video of the KOINNews’s own Trevor Ault saying his funniest lines is getting a lot of action on Reddit, mostly because he’s a highly amusing guy.

A lot of the observations the self-described “bad boy of local news” makes are very enjoyable. They include but are no in no way limited to stuff like this:

“I love my Doritos so loud,” “I have many many questions, but I also don’t really want to talk to anyone,” and “running is the worst, but friendship and teamwork is the best.”

He is very knowledgable about what people on the internet need and desire: a compilation of his patented musings that amounts to very watchable metanarrative about life’s randomness. A handy video he posted to his own YouTube account Wednesday, titled “Out of Context,” has became all the rage on Reddit.

It begins and ends with him saying things for which there is no explanation, because it’s just not that kind of video.

Just let the entire video welcome you to his excellent perspective on the events of life.

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