April 4, 2018 12:21 PM EDT

A woman whose husband lost one of his legs was forced to carry him on her back up to 10 miles a day for weeks – because local officials allegedly refused to give him a disability certification.

After her husband had one of his legs amputated as the result of a medical condition, 34-year-old Vimla Singh, of Mathura, India, had to carry him to the local disability office several times as the couple tried to get the chief medical officer to sign off that he was disabled, she told news agency ANI.

A disability certification would entitle them to a free wheelchair – something the couple could not afford on their own.


However, the couple was reportedly being made to jump through hoops in order to procure the necessary paperwork. “We have no access to a wheelchair or a tricycle,” Singh told news agency ANI. “We went to many different offices but still have not got the certificate.”

Thankfully, after a photo of Singh transporting her husband went viral, the Chief Medical Officer finally issued the certificate. “It is a sad incident to happen in a civilized world,” Bhupendra Chaudhary, the state minister of Uttar Pradesh, told ANI. “We will inspect the case and help accordingly.”

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