March 30, 2018 12:01 PM EDT

Google has rolled out an Easter egg for April Fools’ Day 2018 — just in time for Easter, which falls on the same day this year.

Google Maps launched an interactive version of “Where’s Waldo?,” a 21st-century twist on Martin Handford’s classic children’s book, on Saturday, March 31. Google Assistant users can also open the app and start the game by asking, “Where’s Waldo?”.

Once in the app, an animated image of Waldo, the iconic British children’s book character in a striped white and red shirt, will appear on the side of the screen. Clicking on the image will launch a virtual scavenger hunt, in which players have to scroll, pan and zoom to find Waldo in various well-known locations throughout the world. The last level will be particularly challenging, as Waldo’s location will be turned off, and there will only be a short hint, so the location must be figured out.

The game will be available through 11:59 P.T. on Wednesday, April 4.

Those who follow Google closely, however, essentially play a “Where’s Waldo”-style game all year round because the search giant is known for secretly releasing interactive games on its various apps, from a missile command game in YouTube, a game of Atari via Google Images search function and a Chrome feature pegged to Star Wars: The Force Awakens that offered browsers a chance to choose between Light Side and Dark Side displays.

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