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The Internet’s latest obsession is an optical illusion which makes it appear as though an adorable dog is getting thrown off a plane by an evil genius.

Don’t worry: even though it looks like the Corgi is falling to its death, it’s just a bit of eye trickery with a reassuringly happy ending. It turns out that those aren’t clouds you’re seeing, but inviting heaps of snow for the dog to play in.

But it’s that twisty emotional roller coaster that’s made the Internet so captivated by the GIF. It first popped up on Reddit on Monday, in the time-draining subreddit r/nonononoyes, where users share suspenseful photos. Because the Internet is always here for an adventure that scares you before warming your heart, it’s been getting even more traction on Twitter, where users can appreciate a reminder that sometimes life can actually turn out great.

Today we celebrate the Internet’s latest breakout star, “skydiver dog,” a Corgi who was simply enjoying the pleasures of a snow day. Let this photo be both the genuine thrill and the happy ending you need today.

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