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The ‘My Organs Vs. Me’ Meme Understands Your Struggle to Do Your Body Right

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To some, the body is a temple.

To others, it is a vessel pleading for mercy.

This new “my organs vs. myself” meme understands that latter mindset particularly well, as Mashable has discovered. The siren song of a big glass of wine, or a bag of irresistible Hot Cheetos, or a plate of fried rice, is often too much for us mere mortals to resist. So our organs will just have to understand that nutrition is not always our first priority: comfort, instead, gets that distinction.

On Twitter, people are sharing the requests their organs would make if they had voices — and the realities of how we respond when in crisis or under stress, often ignoring the cries for nutrition and hydration in favor of the lure of salty snacks, processed foods, and plenty of sugar. Who wants plain old water when you can have a steaming mug of coffee? Maybe our kidneys — but not our souls. The internet understands our collective pain. Here are some examples of the latest meme that expresses the inner struggle we all face.

And then, of course, there are the moments where we do treat our bodies right.

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