March 5, 2018 9:09 AM EST

Count on Meryl Streep to upstage everyone at the 90th Academy Awards without even setting foot on the stage.

The Post star has more Oscar nominations than any other female actor, but she also has the prestigious honor of becoming one of the internet’s best celebrity memes by cheering. When she cupped her hands and shouted at the 2015 SAG Awards, the image became one of the most enduring memes ever. You’ve seen it and so has most of everyone’s moms.

Turns out, Streep is the GIF that keeps on giving. This year, she gave everyone a completely fresh update on her own meme, like only she could. On Sunday, she cheered again, Meryl style. And as soon as she did, the internet was quick to scoop up the brand new 2018 Oscars content from the heavens and juxtapose it with her old viral meme.

Goodbye 2015 Meryl. Hello 2018 Meryl. Same supportive energy. New year.

Some people also thought she dressed a little like the fairy godmother of Shrek, but one thing is certain. She is the internet’s fairy godmother, reliably pulling meme-worthy moves to give you a new way to say everything you can’t.

Let it be known that in these dark and trying times, she will be there to be there for you to encourage you.

See how impressed the internet is with her below.

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