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7 Moves to Tighten Your Core From Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser

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Strong abs won’t just make you feel more comfortable in a bathing suit or bikini; your core is the source of power for your entire body. It includes not only the front of your torso, but also your hips, pelvic floor, back and the muscles that wrap around the side of your body. Everything else — arms, legs, head — are an extension of your core, so it’s important to strengthen this area of your body for a variety of functions, including stability. Your core is also the the basis of proper movement in exercise, and a powerful one will also help you avoid injuries during training.

When you work with a slightly deflated overball, your body has to work a little harder to stabilize your core. At the same time, the overball acts as a guide and gives you some support as you move through the various moves. It can also help remind you to pull your navel to your spine when working on your abs. Just be aware of not sinking your weight into the ball — it’s not there for you to relax!

From flutter kicks to oblique twists and C-curve crunches, these seven moves will help you strengthen your core, and of course, help create sleek abs. Remember to breathe through the exercises: You exhale on exertion and pull your navel closer to the spine for all of these moves. It’s also important to maintain proper form and to take a break — instead of compromising your positioning — if you’re feeling tired.

TIP: For the flutter kicks, adjust the angle of your legs depending on your level of strength. Your back should never arch off the ground.

Perform this routine, which should take approximately 10 minutes, at least 3x per week.

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