By Cady Lang
February 8, 2018

After art student Alex Ruth Bertuli-Fernandes was told by one of her art instructors that she should “dial down the feminism,” she decided to illustrate his suggestion with a creation that directly referenced it.

She shared an image of a piece that featured an actual dial, along with two options that span the spectrum of what he suggested: being “complicit in my own dehumanization” and being a “raging feminist” along with a header with the teacher’s words, “Dial down the feminism.” Bertuli-Fernandes then took to Twitter to share the story and an image of her new piece, in a post that’s garnered 68,000 retweets as of Thursday.

As might be expected, the Internet was pretty excited about Bertuli-Fernandes’ response to her teacher and took to the web to show her some love (and to express some disdain for her teacher.)

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