Jimmy Kimmel United Hair Stylists of America to Say What They Really Think About Trump’s Hair

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Donald Trump‘s windblown hair moment quickly became the fascination of the Internet after a video of the President boarding Air Force One last Friday on his way to Mar-a-Lago went viral.

In case Trump would like some professional insight on his bad hair day, however, Jimmy Kimmel has him covered.

The late night host, who joked that while Trump was headed to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend, “his hair tried to fly to Mar-a-Lago on its own,” asked hair stylists to share some expert opinions on what they thought, and the stylists were brutal.

One stylist thought that Trump’s hair looked “like the backside of a dog,” while another thought that it resembled the posterior of another animal: “That looks like ostrich butt. That looks like the behind of an ostrich.” One stylist saw similarities between Trump’s hair and “that monster from The Goonies,” while another stylist laconically stated that the president’s hair was “a bad weave” and someone else commented that “someone did not glue that down tight enough.”

But these critiques weren’t the only things that the stylists offered. A few of them had some constructive suggestions on how they would handle the hair situation. One stylist recommended that he “shave the whole head,” while another suggested “pomade. Lots of pomade…maybe four or five cans, slicked down to the skin.”

Watch the full clip above.

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