February 5, 2018 3:53 PM EST

Joe Biden just can’t turn down a fan request for an autograph — and is a good sport about those viral memes he’s in.

At least, that’s the conclusion you might draw from a post shared on website Imgur, where a user helpfully explained claimed the former Vice President came to sign a popular printed-out meme of Biden and his old boss Barack Obama. “My mom’s business is near where Joe lives,” Imgur user Tunnelofplatonicfriendship captioned the photo. “I asked her to ask him to sign this meme if he ever came in. He is a real nice guy.”

If it’s true, the meme was a good choice to offer up as bait: it’s public knowledge that this one is Biden’s favorite of the many images (and accompanying jokes) that made the rounds during his tenure in office. This particular photo of the politicians embracing, captioned with a few imagined lines of dialogue, first made the rounds on Twitter back in October 2016.

Biden’s signature on the printout “Still good friends. Always be loyal.” Presumably, that is a note to the co-subject of the meme, Obama himself. Biden and Obama have regularly been effusive in their public respect and support for each other.

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