January 24, 2018 9:26 AM EST

Few shows are as on point about human behavior as The Simpsons.

And now people are using single moments from the long-running cultural touchstone to sum up their entire lives thanks to a viral question.

Twitter user Carl Kinsella invited people to share the one screenshot from The Simpsons that best sums up their life stories on Tuesday — and people quickly rose to the challenge. Thanks to the outpouring of responses, the whole narrative is available in one handy link so you can tour some of life’s relatable moments through the prism of Springfield’s finest.

It’s worth scrolling through for some excellent images from the show’s long history paired with text memorable quotes like “I’m just one big toasty cinnamon bun” and “this is where I come to cry.”

The Simpsons has eerily predicted the future countless times, been remixed into a GIF-making database, and thanks to this viral tweet, it can also be the soundtrack to our lives.

We compiled a sampling of some of the best responses to Kinsella’s tweet:

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