By Cady Lang
January 16, 2018

Big Narstie might already be a star when it comes to grime music, but the British rapper could definitely consider a career in weather reporting after delighting viewers of Good Morning Britain with a charming weather forecast.

On Tuesday, the rapper appeared alongside regular weather reporter Alex Beresford, who revealed that it’s long been a dream of Big Narstie’s to deliver the weather report. And deliver Big Narstie did, starting off his report with an emphatic “Boom!” before telling viewers that certain regions would be getting a “bag of snow” and that “man better know it’s cold outside!”

Big Narstie also kindly reminded viewers to dress warmly, to avoid getting sick from the frigid temperatures.

“The flu is killing us,” he said. “The flu is out here to get us. So Lemsip and warm clothes.”

Watch Big Narstie’s full weather report below.

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