December 13, 2017 2:41 PM EST

If Elf on a Shelf isn’t quite doing it for you this holiday season, Jimmy Kimmel and his show have an ideal replacement to whip your kids into behaving immediately. It’s Lannister on a Bannister, and it’s the sword-wielding, one-handed, miniature-sized Kingsguard character who Game of Thrones fans will surely appreciate.

“Elf on a Shelf is tearing our family apart right now,” Kimmel started off reflecting. But wait: “There’s a new little sentry for children of all religions,” he explained. Enter a tiny Jaime Lannister, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau himself and spewing Thrones-worthy warnings about consequences of misdeeds from his perch on a bannister in a family’s home.

“You steal that candy, and I’ll chop your hand off,” Lannister — outfitted in a festive red hat — explains to a duo of misbehaving kids attempting to sneak some jelly beans. Between regaling the kids with the thrilling Red Wedding story to casually hitting on a blonde Cersei lookalike, Lannister on a Bannister is not exactly PG holiday fun for the family. But Thrones fans will respect his commitment to character, as well as the insistence that “a Lannister always pays in installments” after the purchase of one of these unusual characters, of course.

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