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This Girl’s ‘Interview’ Made Her Cat Internet Famous for a Hilarious Reason

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Coco the cat is now internet famous. So is Gabi, ten years old, who wrote an imagined interview between her and her feline friend that has since gone viral on Twitter after her dad shared it with the world.

In the handwritten “interview,” Coco and Gabi engage in a polite back-and-forth conversation about where it is — and isn’t — acceptable for Gabi to pet her furry pal. Filled with intriguing stylistic choices (hyphenated sentences; plenty of all-caps; lots of cat-attitude), the interview also doubles as a handy primer on how respectful pet parenting works… particularly when it comes to cats. For instance, the tummy is a “forbidden” area, as are the legs and tail. (“Absolutely not!” Coco exclaims after Gabi asks if she can touch these areas.)

As many commenters have noted, the young writer seems to have comic timing down pat already. Luckily, she’s even interested in pursuing a career in the field, according to further tweets from her dad, a writer and director himself. The future looks bright. And as for Coco? She’s lucky she has a considerate human on her side.

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