November 30, 2017 3:35 PM EST

A wise young “nugget boy” once said “a man needs his nuggs,” but one person may have taken things too far.

Kole Olsen, 30, of Australia plead guilty Thursday to his involvement in a bizarre incident involving an exceptionally supersized order at a McDonald’s on Sydney’s north shore in the wee hours of the morning earlier this month, 9 news reports.

Taking drunk munchies to memorable levels, he tried to order 200 chicken nuggets at the drive-thru window only to learn the disappointing news that they weren’t on the breakfast menu. Australia’s The Telegraph reported that he then drove around four more times while honking and saying “I want my f-cking nuggets….I’m gonna f-ck you up.” Despite his nugget quest, he told the court he was “vegan” Thursday.

The customer eventually settled for hash browns, paying $230 for the more breakfast-friendly order that the manager personally delivered to his Ford Falcon in the parking lot. However, apparently he wasn’t satisfied, because he later asked for a full refund for 200 Big Macs and 200 large orders of fries, neither of which he ordered.

It was the McDonald’s employees who locked the doors and called police to voice concerns for their safety that eventually led to the arrest. Police said they found the driver parked behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, reporting a blood alcohol level of 0.175.

Olsen — who is reportedly attending Alcoholics Anonymous — was banned from driving for nine months and fined $1,000 Thursday. To put that in perspective, that’s only enough money for roughly four hash brown orders of his preferred quantity.

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