Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Clueless People Into Thinking the iPhone 4 Is the iPhone X

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Jimmy Kimmel just tested how far Apple fans are willing to go to believe the hype around the new iPhone X.

In his latest segment of “Lie Witness News” for Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, Kimmel sent a producer out on the street to film people’s first impressions of the $999 smartphone.

The only problem? The producer actually handed his unwitting marks an iPhone 4, which came out in 2010.

“People buy whatever new iPhone comes out because they assume it will be better,” Kimmel said, introducing the segment. “But I always wonder how much of that is real and how much is hype, because we liked the iPhone when it first came out.”

Passers-by gave a range of responses: “revolutionary,” “futuristic” and “newer.”

Lots of people remarked on how small the phone was. “I like that it’s super tiny, it’s not as big as the other one. I like the square – king of bring it back to the old school feature,” said one.

“It’s touchscreen,” said another.

At the end of the clip, someone finally cottons on. “It looks like an iPhone 4,” one man laughed.

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