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Relatable Baby Is Finally Inspired to Take First Steps to Try To Get a French Fry

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Sometimes we all need a little motivation in life. Sometimes that motivation comes in the form of a paycheck or a gold star or, for at least one very relatable toddler, a french fry.

Little baby Evie did not want to walk, even though her dad, Ben Hayman, was pretty sure she could do it if she tried. Turns out she just needed the correct form of motivation. That’s when her father came up with the idea of tempting her into taking a few steps by holding a french fry in front of her and slowly moving it out of her grasp, forcing her to follow like some ploy out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

The trick worked, though, and soon enough Evie was taking a few cautious steps forward in hot pursuit of that deep-fried potato goodness. Ben Hayman laughed when he told Storyful about his daughter’s first steps, “Amazing what girls will do for food.” Just wait until he see what they’ll do for an hour of screen time.

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