November 2, 2017 4:57 PM EDT

Remember “Despacito,” the song of the summer for 2017? Surely you haven’t forgotten Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee‘s verified banger so soon. But if you’re in the mood to revisit its Latin charms, consider this update. Posted on the Facebook page “A Cappella Science,” the evolutionary-development-biology-themed version is sung a cappella to the catchy tune of the now-classic “Despacito.” After being re-posted on Halloween, it’s now racked up more than 5 million views (and nearly half a million on YouTube). That’s because it’s a work of pure art and science, combined.

With lyrics that name-check famous biologists and reference terms like phenotype and genotype — all while laying out a visual representation of the subject — it also might become a biology teacher’s favorite classroom tool.

“We are built of molecules combined in a planned-out way,” creator Tim Blais sings in the chorus. “Each piece must be told where to go. Now there’s a science helping us to understand how our cells encode this architectural plan, signaling each other with genetic tools, oh… It’s evo-devo.” Blais, who is in charge of the Facebook page and associated YouTube channel, calls his work an “online video project” and describes himself as a physics master’s student and “lifelong harmony addict” who draws inspiration from acts like Weird Al and Bill Nye. The videos are done as layers of Blais himself singing and beat-boxing; he’s a one-man show.

Check out his epic and viral “Despacito” remix below.

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