Gisele and Tom Brady Wore an Adorable Avocado Toast Couples Costume

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Power couple Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are known for being notoriously healthy eaters with a strict diet that shuns white sugar, white flour, caffeine, dairy, and of course, the dreaded nightshade vegetables.

So it came as a bit of a surprise this Halloween when the pair wore an adorable avocado toast couples costume. While Brady’s avocado get-up is definitely a safe food choice for the couple who turn to a raw vegan avocado “ice cream” when they want to indulge (see Brady’s high-end cookbook), Gisele’s toast costume looks suspiciously like something that neither the supermodel or the Patriots quarterback would touch.

The golden hue and crisp white lines on her bread ensemble strongly resemble a good old slice of white bread toasted to perfection and slathered in butter…but you know what? When you’ve got two of the best fitness games in the business, maybe the scariest thing might just be some refined white carbs and dairy. Happy Halloween, Gisele and Tom.

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