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Billy Eichner Put Stephen Colbert to the Test With a Festive Game of ‘Hocus Pocus or Trump’s White House’

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Billy Eichner definitely brought the Halloween spirit to Monday’s episode of The Late Show. The American Horror Story not only donned a banana costume for his chat with Stephen Colbert, but came prepared with a festive game to play with the host: “Hocus Pocus or Trump’s White House?”

“This is a game I wrote specifically for tonight because Halloween is tomorrow,” he explained. “I would say one of maybe not my favorite movies but a guilty pleasure is the movie Hocus Pocus. And Hocus Pocus is like a Halloween classic. And so I wrote a game just for you called ‘Hocus Pocus or Trump’s White House?’ I’m going to give you a fact and you have to tell me if this fact refers to the movie Hocus Pocus or Trump’s White House or both.”

Eichner then proceeded to rattle off tidbits such as, “Ben Carson believes that it’s real,” “has inspired Bette Midler to do a lot of screaming and complaining,” and, “seems like it started almost as a joke but now for some reason we have to take it seriously,” as Colbert — who admitted he has never seen Hocus Pocus — struggled to stay on track.

Watch the clip below.

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