October 20, 2017 1:57 PM EDT

Theresa May can’t catch a break. First she powers through an often-interrupted speech to her Conservative Party. And now? A photo of the British Prime Minister sitting alone at a large conference table in Brussels on Friday is going viral, thanks to her look in the moment. (Those tastefully minimalist flower arrangements only add to the austere vibe.) Naturally, the internet has plenty of jokes for the politician; the Brexit parallels were too real for the internet to ignore.

Some are captioning the photo with classic Simon & Garfunkel lyrics: “Hello darkness, my old friend,” indeed. Others are noting just how lonely she looks. “This latest #TheresaMay #Brexit photo reminds me of when me and my mates arrange to meet in the pub at 8 and I get there at five past…” one Twitter user noted; relatable content. And still others are imagining this image as it might be used on a TV show or a movie, as it does have a distinctly cinematic look to it. The takeaway: May’s team might want to work on surrounding her with better photo ops.

May was in Belgium for an EU summit. And for what it’s worth, other photos from the day show that May was joined at this very same table by representatives of the European Council, including the Council’s President Donald Tusk, shortly after the image was snapped. She was just early.

Check out some of the funniest reactions, below.

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