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The Internet Can’t Agree on What Color These Sneakers Are and It’s Freaking Everyone Out

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Remember “The Dress?” Of course you do. Well, this week we have “The Shoe.”

It’s actually a lace-up sneaker — and, in the tradition of all of our favorite viral optical illusions, its color combination is very much up for debate. There’s no doubt that the lighting on the image that’s circulating online is the real culprit here. While many are going by face value — teal and gray! — others are arguing that the true hue must be pink and white.

As it turns out, the original is indeed pink and white, at least one Twitter user contends. But that isn’t stopping people from trying to wrap their brains around this new optical illusion.

Some still weren’t convinced. But there’s more evidence.

At least it doesn’t look like this is about to break the internet in the way that the (definitely white and gold) Dress did back in 2015.

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