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Stephen Colbert brought on a second host to The Late Show on Monday in response to President Donald Trump’s tweet over the weekend asking for “equal time” from “unfunny” late night television hosts.

“That’s not how this works. You’re the president, we make fun of you,” Colbert said in reaction to the demand for equal time. “But we’re going to do it anyway, just to make you feel better, sir. I will now be joined by another host licensed in “unfunny” and that host will offer balance to what I say about the president.”

In walked former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, ready to “provide the counterweight” to Colbert’s slamming of Trump. When told to “be positive” about the president, Stewart managed sentiments like, “Donald Trump is not a cannibal” and “Given the choice between having hot lava poured into my pee hole and Donald Trump being president, I choose the latter.”

Stewart couldn’t keep up the positive attitude for long, especially after seeing a video of Trump warning of “the calm before the storm” while posing with military leaders in the White House last week. When asked what he meant by the comment, the president said, “You’ll find out.”

“What the f—k is wrong with this guy?” he asked. “‘You’ll find out?’ A cliffhanger, surrounded by military people? Will Trump give humanity the rose? Will civilization make it to the fantasy suite?”

With that, Stewart decided he couldn’t be positive anymore and turned the mic back to Colbert. Watch the clip above.

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