October 6, 2017 10:51 AM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel took a break from addressing serious issues such as gun control and health care reform Thursday night to poke fun at a lighter concern. The late night host aired a sketch in which he sent his team out to the street in front of the Live! studio to prove that people will agree to anything to get on TV.

“Whenever we put someone on TV, they sign a legal release that says they’re OK with doing that,” he explained. “They sign their name on the form and we’re good to go. But most people don’t bother to really read the form. They trust us, I guess. So we decided to put that trust to the test to find out just how much these people would endure for a chance to be on TV.”

The hilarious bit featured Kimmel’s on-site correspondent asking people to sign a release agreeing to a myriad of outlandish provisions — including saying the sentence, “I am not defined by my diarrhea,” to the camera — in order to be a part of the clip.

Watch the full video above.

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