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Game of Thrones Fans Will Be Thrilled by These Sneaky Simpsons Jokes

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The 29th season premiere of The Simpsons was a reverential nod to the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin‘s Song of Ice and Fire, with plenty of sneaky Game of Thrones gags in store for fans of both popular franchises.

The biggest homage was a cameo from the voice of none other than Jaime Lannister himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau. In the satirical episode, he plays Marge’s similarly blue-beehived twin brother — and in true Thrones form, his animated character has a thing for his relative that wouldn’t fly in today’s society (and isn’t particularly well-received in Westeros, either). Another wink at the traditions of Westeros comes in the form of a raven-delivered message that Bart sends to the bartender Moe, filled with medieval curses. There are plenty other Easter eggs for sharp-eyed fans, from an appearance from a dragon, a three-eyed raven that serves as a meal, a Martin cameo and signs of White Walkers galore.

Beyond Thrones, though, the episode, called the “Serfsons,” touches on the territory of many other medieval-set magical worlds, with references to Harry-Potter-style spell-casting, Lord of the Rings, Narnia and more. The Simpsons airs weekly on Sunday nights on FOX.


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