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Ryan Gosling may be an Oscar-nominated actor, but when he is faced with Kate McKinnon or an anthropomorphic chicken on Saturday Night Live, he can’t keep a straight face. Gosling hosted the late night sketch show on Saturday night and couldn’t stop breaking character to crack up, smirking in many of the sketches.

The laughter should come as no surprise, since Gosling couldn’t keep it together when he first hosted SNL back in 2015. The best part is that when Gosling starts giggling, it seems to infect everyone else in the sketch, and the audience, too.

When Gosling returned to his La La Land jazz playing roots, as a flute player in the “Dive Bar“ sketch, he cracked up. The supposed pros in the cast couldn’t keep it together either:

In “Another Close Encounter,” two NSA agents (Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day) interview the only known survivors of a double alien abduction: Gosling, Cecily Strong and recent Emmy winner McKinnon. The“Close Encounters” sketch was a callback to Gosling’s hosting gig in 2015, and just like last time, the actor could not keep a straight face. The more that McKinnon’s alien abduction survivor Ms. Rafferty talked about her raunchy “second date” with the aliens, the more Gosling lost it —and for good reason:

Gosling also struggled to keep a straight face when he plays a criminal that tries to convince a giant anthropomorphic chicken (played by Aidy Bryant) that he loves her, so she will cover for him when the cops come looking for him. Halfway through the surreal sketch, Gosling breaks, cracking up at the sheer absurdity:


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