October 3 is no normal day. It’s Mean Girls Day, as any ’90s kid worth their salt knows, and it always merits a celebration. This year marks 13 years since the popular – and quotable Tina Fey film was first released, but it’s still relevant in the conversation. (And some things certainly haven’t changed: “fetch” still hasn’t happened.)

Featuring a collection of child stars, actors on the cusp of greatness and comic icons like Amy Poehler, the Lindsay Lohan-helmed hit lives large in contemporary U.S. cultural memory: there’s even a new Mean Girls musical debuting at the end of October with an upcoming Broadway run, and Lohan and her teen costars regularly keep up their connection with the movie through social media winks and nods.

So while we wait for an official sequel to get the green light, we’ll always have Oct. 3, the day that beautiful stranger Aaron Samuels finally spoke to Cady Heron. In honor of this true national holiday, here’s an update on where the movie’s teen queens (and misfits) are now.

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