September 15, 2017 11:33 AM EDT

After Halle Berry revealed that Channing Tatum had dared her to chug a glass of straight whiskey in front of the audience at their Kingsman: The Golden Circle Comic-Con panel, Ellen DeGeneres devised a plan to help her get back at her co-star.

During a Friday appearance on Ellen, Tatum found out that Berry had, in turn, dared him to dress up like Elsa from Frozen and lip sync to “Let It Go” — a challenge he gamely accepted. “She wrote something down because she wanted to get you back,” DeGeneres explained. “And it’s been in this envelope because she’s daring you to do this. So she says…’Dress up like a princess and sing “Let It Go.”‘”

What followed was a hilariously awkward rendition of the hit Disney song featuring the 37-year-old actor wearing a flowing purple gown and huge blond wig. DeGeneres capped off the performance by spraying her guest with two cash cannons filled with fake pink money.

Watch the clip below.

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