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How Jessica Williams and J. K. Rowling Took Their Twitter Friendship to the Next Level With Beyoncé

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The Daily Show alum Jessica Williams may have just created and starred in her own Netflix movie, The Incredible Jessica James, but that doesn’t mean that the comedian doesn’t still get star-struck when she meets her heroes. On the season 4 premiere of her podcast with Phoebe Robinson, 2 Dope Queens, Williams shared a heartwarming anecdote about meeting Harry Potter author and Twitter legend J. K. Rowling.

According to Williams, she received a message via Twitter from Rowling after the author discovered that they shared the same birthday.

“She messages me and she was like, ‘I was looking up people who have my birthday, and I saw yours was mentioned. I was going to wish you ‘happy our birthday’ but I bloody forgot’… she’s like, ‘Which is typical me, but I think you are funny, intelligent, brave,’” Williams said.

One thing led to another and Rowling eventually invited Williams to get a drink if she was ever in the U.K.

“You guys know she’s very lit on Twitter, this past year she’s been losing her mind. I slid in her DMs and was like ‘Hey, I’m really sorry about this situation…’ she was lit up and talked about politics and everything and was like, ‘Anyway, I’m rambling like Dumbledore’ and she was like ‘Anyway, are you going to be in the UK any time soon?’ She was like, ‘I promise I’m not this talkative over the fourth cocktail.’”

Williams ended up making good on Rowling’s offer during a trip to London, where she instantly connected with the author.

“It’s the last night of my trip in London, and I go to this really beautiful hotel. I go up to the hostess, I [say] I’m here to see somebody… ‘Rowling?’ and she said ‘What’s the first name?’ and I said ‘J.K’. She comes down, and she’s just like, a vision. She comes down and we’re like talking and I’m so scared, I’m like trembling. I’m nervous at first and I’m just like talking to her…once we get past like ‘It’s so nice to meet you, thank you for having me…’ everything falls into place. She said so many wonderful things, then I had two cocktails and I was crying. It go to the point where it was so weird, we had so much in common…I didn’t know if as women or if my personality was shaped by things that she wrote.”

Williams discovered that she had many things in common with Rowling, including an affinity for playing the Sims and an appreciation for the Knowles sisters.

“At one point, she’s like ‘How did you meet your boyfriend?’ … I was like…’Playing the Sims’… she was like, ‘You say the Sims too?’ We shut down the bar, we shut down dinner, we had another drink at her room, and we watched Lemonade… and then she like, put on her glasses, I was like ‘Cool… well, have you seen Cranes in the Sky?’… and then I showed her Solange videos. Then I went home, I flew back and it was insane, an incredible experience.”

The love fest hasn’t stopped though since Williams returned stateside; the pair are now texting buddies.

“I texted her a few days later and was like, ‘Hey, have you heard of Rollercoaster Tycoon?’ … let me tell you something, she played Rollercoaster Tycoon.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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