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Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

While it may seem like the destruction of the Wall in Game of Thronesseason seven finale was inevitable, it potentially could have been avoided if not for the actions of one unexpected character.

Reddit user abdo0000 has laid out a theory that may prove Hot Pie — everyone’s favorite direwolf bread baker — is actually responsible for the White Walkers gaining access to Westeros.

“Hot Pie is the reason behind all of this,” the Redditor wrote. “It’s all because of him. If he didn’t tell Arya that Winterfell is under [the] Starks control, Cersei could be dead now. Jon and his company won’t [go] get a White Walker. They won’t go beyond the Wall. Viserion would be alive. The Wall won’t fall. And all [of] Westeros would be united against the Night King.”

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It’s certainly true that Arya was on her way to King’s Landing to kill Cersei before she found out that her family had regained control of Winterfell from the Boltons. But we’re still not ready to assign all the blame to Hot Pie. After all, once the Night King sets his mind on something, it doesn’t seem like there’s any stopping him.

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