Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Really Loves Danny DeVito and This Is Proof

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Arnold Schwarzenegger responded to Reddit thread by sharing how great he thinks his Twins co-star Danny DeVito is.

“Danny is a good man (one of the best), and I know he will love to hear that some of his advice helped you become a great man, although I can tell you always had it in you. I’m going to send this to him so he can see it,” Schwarzenegger commented on Reddit.

Schwarzenegger was responding to someone who shared a story of DeVito listening to a painful experience and comforting him. The original post itself was a story on DeVito and Rhea Perlman taking Mara Wilson on outings while they were all filming Matilda as Wilson’s mother was battling cancer, which she eventually died from.

The “GovSchwarzenegger” username was confirmed as Schwarzenegger himself after he did an Ask Me Anything, or AMAs, post three years ago. Reddit schedules AMAs in its IAmA subreddit with celebrities and public figures regularly where they have to provide proof of identification to moderators. Schwarzenegger still uses the account to comment on posts periodically.

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