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Take the Edge Off That Super Stressful Game of Thrones Episode With These Amazing Memes

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Sunday night’s fateful episode of Game of Thrones had people stressing.

“Beyond The Wall,” the sixth episode of the season, spanned a massive battle up North with a stunning rescue. Daenerys a.k.a. the most important person in the world defies Tyrion by flying to the most dangerous place in the world to save the day in the nick of time.

Plenty of people still died though, and there were some stressful close calls. Scariest of all, the Night King has Viserion now after spearing him in the heart and touching him in the episode’s closing moments. His eye’s blue, so you just know the outlook’s not good. Things weren’t so hard at Winterfell, but here the Stark sisters were all these years later facing off as enemies.

And the true watchers of the wall were there for all of it, responding to the bracing action with some excellent Game of Thrones memes.

See below for the best memes of “Beyond The Wall.”

People really love Tormund:

Tormund is already very much planning that Tormund-Brienne life:

Tormund and the Hound are the sitcom buddies of our dreams. Name a better Thrones chat:

Arya is getting scary as evidenced by her eyes and exhibits A through a million:

Arya going in on Sansa’s pretty dresses:

Sansa’s consistent refusal to listen to the future wife of Tormund’s dreams:

Flaming sword vs. polar bear:

Unfriendly bears:

Run, Gendry, run!

Beric’s flaming sword was pretty fire:

Seriously though, are we watching The Walking Dead?

Daenerys really is the only hope:

The Hound has had enough, makes questionable life choices:

The most stressful episode ever:

Bran being a huge help:

Dany saves the day:

In fabulous outerwear:

What would we do without Jon Snow though?

Not the dragon!

When killing a baby is an Olympic sport:

Legit question: How does Jon Snow have time to go to the gym?

The Dany-Jon romance vibes are so strong:

Dany sizing up Snow:

Pouring one out for the dragon in the latest example of things we could have avoided if The Hound didn’t get bored:

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