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Coffee Chain in Eclipse’s Path Recalls Safety Glasses After Giving Them Out for Free

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The Dutch Bros Coffee chain, which is based primarily on the West Coast, is recalling the free eclipse glasses it had been giving away to customers after discovering they may not be safe for viewing Monday’s solar eclipse. The historic event will be visible from the continental U.S. for the first time since 1979, and it can be dangerous to watch without proper eclipse glasses.

In a statement posted to its social media accounts, the coffee chain said while it had received a compliance notice saying the eclipse glasses were safe, the company had reason to question the certification.

The only safe way to view the Aug. 21 eclipse is through special solar filters, because looking directly at the sun, even when it’s partially covered by the moon, can cause severe damage to your eyes. The brief period when the moon completely blocks the sun, in a total eclipse, is the only time it is safe to view the eclipse without a filter.

Because eclipse viewers are in such high demand — and fake products have popped up across the market — the American Astronomical Society has provided a list of authorized manufacturers and dealers.

Dutch Bros, which has more than 200 locations across seven states, says consumers can return their glasses to any location and receive a free drink. The chain is headquartered in Oregon, where the eclipse’s path of totality begins.

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