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A bartender mixes up a whiskey cocktail in a bar
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A bar in the U.K. has got revenge on a complaining customer by naming a cocktail after the complaint that he made on TripAdvisor.

The complainant, known only as “Wayne S”, wrote about the neighborhood beer bar The Old Butcher’s in Bristol: “Wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be a bar or a restaurant, to be honest it felt like neither, poncey 2/3 of a pint glasses of for beer, what’s wrong with pints?”

He added: “The owner struts about in dungarees, and if he has the chance to check his reflection he damn well makes sure he does.”

This lead to the establishment to thank Wayne S for his review on Facebook. “Wayne’s inspiring words have won him a place on our menu; congratulations Wayne! We are therefore proud to introduce our new cocktail, for a limited time only, ‘The Ponce’s Dungarees’!”

It is unclear how long the new cocktail will be on the menu and the restaurant/bar also doesn’t give any clues to the ingredients.

The move seemed to be popular on Facebook, with people responding: “Definitely gonna pop in one day with my dungarees in solidarity, and get me a poncy cocktail.”


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