Ann Coulter vs. Delta: The Internet Takes Sides

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Political commentator Ann Coulter slammed Delta Air Lines on social media after they moved her seat — and now Twitter users, including some celebrities, are calling her out for her reaction.

Coulter’s Twitter tirade started on Saturday, when she said she was forced to give up her extra-legroom seat on a flight from New York to Florida. She took to Twitter again Sunday and Monday, when the airline agreed to refund Coulter $30 and also criticized her for posting “slanderous comments and photos in social media.” Coulter responded by calling the airline “fascists.”

Twitter users have also weighed in on the weekend’s tweet-storm with some views of their own.

Captain America actor Chris Evans mocked Coulter’s claim that pre-selecting her seat cost $10,000 of her time.

The Twitter account for Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea late-night talk show referred to the time Coulter allegedly cancelled on the show, forcing them to have to find someone else to fill in.

Actress Whitney Cummings likened Coulter’s messages to a “major victory for America.”

Dolphin Tale actress Austin Highsmith contrasted Coulter calling people “snowflakes” versus her Twitter complaints.

Tariq Nasheed compared Coulter’s views on liberals and minorities having “victim mentality” versus her own sense of victimhood.

Some were surprised that Coulter’s comments were causing some people to sympathize with Delta.

But some thought Coulter’s response was warranted — and some admitted they had experienced similar incidents while flying with Delta.


And at least a few people said they would stop flying Delta because of Coulter’s experience.

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