Jon Stewart Crashed Jimmy Kimmel to Make a Point Because That’s How He’s Spending Retirement

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When Will Rubin became a man under Jewish tradition, the 13-year old from Media, Pennsylvania, threw himself a Jimmy Kimmel Live!-themed Bar Mitzvah. Naturally, when Kimmel found out about the fete, he video chatted with Will to find out how the party went and how much everyone liked the theme. Their conversation was rudely interrupted, though, by none other than Jon Stewart.

While Stewart may be bored in his retirement from the talk show world, he felt compelled to crash the interview to address a very important issue. “I’m a talk-show host as well—well, I was, years ago, and I’m a Jew,” Stewart told Rubin. “You probably had your choice of idolizing any talk-show host, and you could have gone with a Jew, is what I’m saying.”

When Kimmel tried to cut short Stewart’s interruption, Stewart lectured him in Hebrew, saying “sheket b’vakasha” to ask for silence in Hebrew. He then asked Will if he got the joke. “Did you get that, Will? Did you get that? Do you know who didn’t get that joke? Jimmy Kimmel! Because he’s not a Jew!” Stewart said, jokingly railing against the young man.

Luckily, Kimmel came up with compromise — Will could have a Jon Stewart-themed wedding. Will said he’d think about it, which is a very mature decision.

Watch below.

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